What  Can  You  Expect?

When you arrive at my private offices, you will fill out an intake form. If you choose to remain anonymous, you may use your first name only. This form is very important because it will help you and me determine your issues and the most effective treatment. I will then describe my credentials, modalities and tools, to help you decide on your session. I am Certified in EFT and my other modalities. You can discuss and explore any of these additional services at any time. I encourage questions.

If you are a returning vet, I understand that many issues are difficult to discuss. In such circumstances, EFT offers a wonderful advantage because I can work successfully without dialog. Dr. Callahan’s TFT, which was the precursor to EFT, was done without dialog very effectively. Later, as you gain confidence (after experiencing the quick relief the session will provide you), you may want to be more open, as this will speed up the success rate.

Please know that I am not interested in causing you distress. I honor your situation and your process. I work respectfully and with dignity. You will not have to go through weeks of recalling the horrors of war. At first, you can start with a less intense issue to see how powerfully and quickly relief comes.

After you choose an issue, I will teach you the EFT meridian tapping points and how to gently tap on your own face, chest and hands. These are easy to learn. Then, as you think about your issue or memory, you will be asked to give a number (from 0-10) of the intensity of the emotional distress you feel from this issue. Then, you will be guided to tap on your meridian points in a pattern, while repeating certain sentences spoken by your practitioner. As you quickly finish the tapping pattern, and you feel considerable relief, you will again be asked how far your distress level has dropped (example: from 10 to 3). This easy process is repeated until your PTSD levels drop to zero. Sometimes, this happens as quickly as 30 to 45 minutes. Then you can choose another issue, and continue on from there.

Your first GEM-EFT session usually takes 1-1/2 to 2 hours, including your interview. Future sessions can be shorter or longer, depending on your needs. I know that you want to get the job done! You can also choose to work daily, or twice a day (both morning and afternoon), which obtains faster results.

Soon, when you feel a sense of completion, Iwill teach you a follow-up process: The GEM-EFT Personal Peace Process, that you can do at home. There are five easy steps, which also use the EFT tapping sequences. This self-guided process should help take care of any remaining issues (from childhood to the present), or any new stresses that arise in the future. Thus, it can be used as a preventative measure.

Of course, if you need further help, I am always available.

You may want to choose additional modalities which I offer. I always welcome feedback. You have nothing to lose, but the PTSD!