Why  Hypnotherapy?

Everything in our lives is subject to what we hold in our minds. Our subconscious mind acts like a recorder, which creates beliefs intended to keep us safe and keep us alive. We might not even be consciously aware of the existence of these beliefs, because many of them were made in childhood. Even though they had value to us when we were young and vulnerable, these beliefs may no longer serve our best interests as we mature. They may actually sabotage our best intensions to succeed and be happy. An example of this is: having problems with weight gain as an adult, as a result of having to eat everything on your plate as a child.

Hypnosis is a natural way of accessing our subconscious mind, and those negative belief by positively re-programming them. The hypnotherapist “talks” the client into the deeply-relaxed state (the brain-state, right before sleep) called Theta, and makes positive statements to replace the negative thoughts. This allows us to gently and rapidly resolve physical or emotional issues; sometimes as quickly as one or two hours. This creates a powerful shift, and healing occurs at depth. We gain new clarity, which enables us to create the changes we desire. Thus, hypnotherapy can restore healing, harmony and peace to every area of our lives.