What  Are  The  Benefits  To Me?

If you are wondering “What’s in it for me?”, the PTSD Warrior-Wellness Program offers many wonderful tools to help empower you to heal yourself. Your important benefits are listed below:

1.   You will learn techniques that you can use for the rest of your life on stress and PTSD-type issues, past, present and future.

2.   You can use these same tools to PREVENT traumatic events from eventually becoming as serious as PTSD.

3.   You may reduce or eliminate your nightmares and regain healthy sleep patterns.

4.   You can release the intense, negative emotions felt during flashbacks and memories.

5.   Your stress and anxiety levels can be reduced.

6.   By eliminating your phobic reactions, you can stop looking for imminent danger or a disaster to  occur at any moment. 

7.   Anger and hostility levels can be reduced.

8.   You can come to terms with guilt, and develop healthy attitudes about loss.

9.   Using these self-healing tools, you can lift the symptoms of depression and prevent thoughts of suicide.

10.  The lowering of your stress levels can increase your ability to stop using alcohol or drugs to deal with your life.

11.  You can develop coping skills for re-adjusting to family and civilian life, so you can stop feeling isolated.

12.  Family members often need healing tools too, which help restore everyone’s healthy family dynamics.

13.  You may feel more self-esteem, motivation and self-confidence, which can lead to a great job.

14.  You can find your inner-peace, at last, recover your “authentic self”, and get your life back.

All you have to lose is the PTSD!

Additional Positive Benefits: According to studies, there are additional positive “Perks” from the recovery of PTSD symptoms. People reported that:

1.   They experienced a renewed appreciation for life.

2.   They found new possibilities in life.

3.   They felt more personal strength.

4.   Their relationships improved.

5.   They felt more satisfied spiritually.

Note: I do not focus only on military PTSD issues. Post Traumatic Stress affects a large percentage of the general public. Any traumatic event that continues to impact a person’s emotional well-being for more than 30 days, qualifies as a PTSD-inducing event. So, I welcome and treat those individuals as well.